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Technical services —
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Get the IT solution you want with minimum disruption to your business. BlueSkies engineers and technicians combine technical knowledge, many years' experience and strong project management skills (Prince 2, ITIL…).

Networking and communications

The main driving force behind most IT solutions is the need for quick and reliable access to information. At BlueSkies we are experts at keeping your business data flowing so you can work more effectively. Our networking services include everything you need for installing, configuring and maintaining:

  • Servers.
  • WAN, LAN and wireless networks.
  • Internet and broadband.
  • Virtual Private Networks and Remote Desktops.
  • Mobile Devices.
  • More…

We provide the right combination of technologies to get your data flowing quickly and reliably to all who need it, when they need it; no matter where they are or how they need to access it.

The process:

  1. Analysis and specification.
  2. Procurement and installation.
  3. Testing and performance optimisation.
  4. Support and maintenance for continued optimal performance.

You don't have to tolerate slow connection speeds, downtime and limited access options. Improve productivity, get more flexible data access and reduce the risk of failures with a performance-optimised network solution from BlueSkies.

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Security and antivirus

Your IT security must of course work hard to protect your valuable data, meet data protection legislation and prevent malicious attacks disrupting your business. BlueSkies deliver all this and help you get more of a return from your IT security investment:

  • Minimise disruption with a pro-active solution that prevents or quarantines security breaches.
  • Improve resource management through greater visibility of data flows, bandwidth allocations, connections…
  • Simplified and verifiable data protection compliance through systems designed to control data access and flows.
  • Save time and resources on dealing with spam, malware and security updates.
  • Allow more flexible access (e.g. remote off-site access) across secure connections.

You can get more from your security solutions with BlueSkies because we know how to leverage maximum value for your business. Security is a prudent investment not a cost.

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Disaster recovery, backups and storage

Things go wrong. It's a fact of life that your business must plan for. Power outages, user error, viruses, hardware failures, system upgrades… all have the potential to take systems offline, disrupt your business and lose you data.

BlueSkies Disaster Recovery and Planning Consultants help you create an effective disaster recovery strategy or plug holes in your existing one. We do this through:

  • Risk analysis to identify and resolve vulnerabilities.
  • Building redundancy into your network to keep your business running if one part fails.
  • The right technologies — remote servers, remote data vaulting, non-tape backups, distance-based load-balanced servers…
  • High-availability servers for mission-critical applications such as Exchange and SQL.

At BlueSkies we take a pro-active approach. Prevention is our first priority and then our focus is on ensuring your systems get back on their feet fast and without losing data.

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Installation, support and maintenance

This is what really sets BlueSkies apart from other suppliers. You get the right IT solution now and in the future because our team work in partnership and share expertise with you.

Our BlueSkies System Integration Team are experts at minimising the disruption of adopting a new IT solution. Your business starts benefiting faster and without productivity losses. And we keep this high standard going through the support and maintenance you would expect.

Looking for a cost- and resource-effective way to manage your IT? Through Outsourcing and Managed Services you get BlueSkies experienced engineers working in partnership as a natural extension of your existing team.

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What technical services to choose?

BlueSkies Consultancy Division will help you get the best return on investment from your hardware. Understand, plan and decide how to maximise the return on your IT investment.

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What hardware/software to choose?

Our technical services are built on the best range of the best products. BlueSkies are trusted suppliers of the top manufacturers and big name vendors, taking the pain out of procurement.

Check out our extensive range of manufacturers and products.

For the best range of servers visit our Server Store.

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The BlueSkies team

We work in partnership with you and your business to provide technical services designed to help drive your business. You get highly experienced engineers and technicians who are always on hand when you need them.

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