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The right IT solutions?
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The wrong IT solution is at best frustrating; at worst it limits the effectiveness of your business in achieving its goals. At BlueSkies we understand this and that's why we put all our experience and expertise into designing the right IT solution to fit your needs and not the other way round.

Technical services

BlueSkies Technical Services put quality IT solutions in place. Our experienced engineers and technicians have all the skills needed to install, maintain and support the most complex of solutions with minimum disruption and on budget.

Get everything you need from servers and networks to security and disaster recovery.

Find out more about our range of technical services.

Hardware/software procurement

The right IT solution needs the right hardware and software to get the job done. BlueSkies are trusted suppliers of the top manufacturers and big name vendors so you get the best range of the best products.

Take the pain out of procurement by talking to our expert and experienced advisors.

Check out our extensive range of manufacturers and products.

For the best range of servers visit our Server Store.

Save on top-quality HP kit with HP Renew.

IT consultancy

BlueSkies Consultancy Division is dedicated to ensuring your IT meets your business needs and offers excellent return on investment. We work in partnership with you to understand the best way to deliver what you need from your IT solution.

Overcome issues holding your business back and capitalise on future opportunities.

Call or email now to talk to a BlueSkies consultant about getting the most from your IT.

Outsourcing and managed services

Looking for a cost- and resource-effective way to manage your IT? Through Outsourcing and Managed Services you get BlueSkies experienced engineers working in partnership as a natural extension of your existing team.

Cut overheads by only using our engineers when you need them.

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