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Server Store —
your network's core hardware

Servers are at the core of effective networking. With so many server options it can be complex choosing, configuring and installing the right server. Luckily BlueSkies have the technical knowledge and experience to make it easier.

The BlueSkies approach

Our team will help you find the right server and optimise it to your spec for rapid deployment, provisioning, flexibility and manageability according to your needs. BlueSkies can also ensure you get the right infrastructure products, from console switches to cooling systems and racks.

  1. We start with the bare server.
  2. We then spec it to your exact needs.
  3. Free of charge we test the hardware and install Windows OS.

Our HP-Authorised Engineers conduct rigorous testing (load tests, stress tests, soak tests…) to ensure you get a server that's in perfect shape. You also get your software preloaded for easier deployment.

Our approach means you save time, money and disruption by reducing onsite installation time and eliminating the risk of 'dead-on-arrival' components.

All this at no extra cost. At BlueSkies we believe you should expect high standards not pay extra for them.

What hardware to choose?

BlueSkies Consultancy Division will help you get the best return on investment from your hardware.

Understand, plan and decide how best to utilise your HP equipment by calling or emailing a BlueSkies consultant today.

Technical services

BlueSkies Technical Services get the most from your servers. Our experienced engineers and technicians have all the skills needed to install, maintain and support the most complex of solutions with minimum disruption and on budget.

Find out more about our range of technical services.

HP Renew

Save big on top-quality HP kit. BlueSkies Solutions are a trusted participant in the HP Renew Program.

Find out more about how to save on the cost of new hardware through HP Renew.