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Insight2Sales —
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Insight2Sales is a dedicated invoicing and bookkeeping system designed for the smooth and effortless handling of your day-to-day transactions and to put key information at your fingertips. Incredibly powerful and yet refreshingly easy to use, Insight2Sales represents the same stunning return on investment you come to expect from BlueSkies.

Maximise the value of information

Building on our years of IT experience BlueSkies have developed Insight2Sales so you get all that you can from your business information. Insight2Sales has all the trademark agility, reliability and functionality of a BlueSkies solution. And the same outstanding cost–benefit ratio.

Insight2Sales gives you fresh insights into your business with powerful reporting features and slashes the time you spend on daily administration. Designed specifically to meet the needs of small business, Insight2Sales gives you ease of use without compromising on features.

Power simply harnessed

Insight2Sales harnesses the power of IBM Lotus Notes in an easy-to-use interface suitable for all levels of users. Get the information you need at your fingertips with an intuitive user interface, easy-to-read yet comprehensive menus and a suite of tools that let you get the job done.

The powerful core database makes searching, aggregating and processing information a breeze. Want to see how a particular salesperson is performing? No problem, get sales figures at the click of a button. Want to raise an invoice? Just click and complete. Need to see profit per order or annual turnover? You get the picture… click and it's there.

Feature rich

Get the information you need when you need it. No programming required, no steep learning curve or expensive and time-consuming training.

At BlueSkies we'll even set up and customise the software for you so you can just get on with the efficient running of your business. Want Insight2Sales with your own branding? We'll add your logo and corporate colours. Want to save time entering set-up data? No problem, we'll configure Insight2Sales to save you time; for example by pre-installing your product codes.

Insight2Sales makes sense for anyone wanting to save time, concentrate on doing business and get fresh insights. Ideal if you're just starting to trade or looking for your first dedicated invoicing and bookkeeping system. Insight2Sales delivers considerable time savings and powerful reporting without the price tag you'd expect.

So easy to get up and running

From the beginning we will install everything for you and show you the ropes. We will even give you 6 month's support for FREE – yes we said 6 months and we said free!

You can call or email us now to arrange a quick and free demo.

What you'll love about Insight2Sales

We know not everyone gets excited about the paperwork that's why we created Insight2Sales — slashing the time you spend on administration and hunting for figures.

Here's 5 of the many reasons you're going to love Insight2Sales:

  1. It's straightforward, unpretentious and a breeze to use — no demanding learning curve, accountancy jargon or complicated forms
  2. We designed it for small businesses just like you who want something more reliable, clearer and less time-consuming than paperwork or spreadsheets
  3. Handling the most complex of orders will become the simplest of processes
  4. You will get a clear idea of what's going on in your business: what's coming-in, what's going-out and what need's doing
  5. We're here to support you — we will install everything for you, show you the ropes and you will even get 6 months free support