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About BlueSkies —
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BlueSkies Solutions is a fast-growing UK provider of IT solutions to SMEs. Businesses like yours benefit every day from our high quality consultancy, technical services, hardware and software; all designed to maximize the return on IT investments.

Experience BlueSkies

The BlueSkies team are built around a core of experienced and highly skilled professionals with 16–25 years' experience in their respective fields. BlueSkies was formed to create a more agile company to make best use of that experience and react to the rapidly changing business environment.

We put the same agility into everything we do — from the technical solutions to our pro-active customer care. You get flexible solutions that meet today's demands and cope with tomorrow's challenges.

Our ability to deliver real value comes from getting to know you. Understanding what your business needs to meet its objectives underpins all our IT solutions. With an experienced consulting team we provide innovative answers to the most complex of challenges.

BlueSkies are clear

IT solutions can be complicated and confusing. At BlueSkies we focus on you and your business; we know the importance of clearly communicating your options so you can make the right decisions. Our team ensure both your technical and non-technical personnel are speaking the same language. And that makes for effective decision making.

Don't just focus on our expertise and competitive pricing, it's our experience with businesses just like yours that counts. We understand the challenges you face and what IT solutions must do for you.

That means, no matter where you are in terms of IT experience we can talk to you in real terms, in terms that mean something. After all, IT solutions are all about helping you do business efficiently and effectively.

BlueSkies won't cost the earth

Our skills and experience allow us to pass efficiency savings on to you. We get the job done to the tightest of deadlines and budgets so you don't incur any unnecessary costs. We also minimise disruption so your business can get on earning money.

Call or email today to talk to a BlueSkies consultant about an easier, more effective and better value way to get more from your IT.


At BlueSkies we have consultants, technicians and engineers who are highly trained and fully certified for all major manufacturers and products such as Microsoft, VMware, Citrix, HP servers, IBM servers, Symantec…

We also have specialist teams that draw on this expertise to focus on specific aspects of your IT solution:

  • BlueSkies Consultancy Division — ensuring your IT meets your business needs.
  • BlueSkies System Integration Teamtechnical services for low impact set-ups and minimum disruption.
  • BlueSkies Outsourcing and Managed Services — putting our experience in your hands.
  • BlueSkies Disaster Recovery and Planning Consultants — protecting your business with disaster recovery, backups and storage.